Trex Fencing Installation Services


Trex Fencing has come to the Central Valley. Coons’ Fences is always on the lookout to identify ideas that will wow our customers. You want a beautiful backyard, so why not take it up a notch further with a fence designed to help you set yourself apart. Wood has always been an excellent choice for fencing in the Central Valley because the design options are virtually limitless, but it requires upkeep and wood fencing eventually needs to be replaced. So, why not get a wood-like fence without the maintenance?

Just like wood fencing, Trex composite material has a natural appearance. The colorful posts, rails, and pickets look just like painted wood but it’s made from recycled wood and plastic particles so it’s resistant to damage that the elements will throw at it.


You can see from our work that we know love designing for our Central Valley customers. With a Trex fence, we can give your property a stately appearance in two standard Trex configurations: Seclusions (with vertical pickets) and Horizons (with horizontal pickets). Here are specific design attributes:


Seclusions is a fully private fence with a traditional vertical design that uses an interlocking picket system. This gives it strength and the same look on both sides. The one-piece top rail has an attractive shadow line. The top rail and the bottom rails (which contains a heavy gauge aluminum rail for tremendous strength) enclose the pickets to give it a cap-and-trim picture frame look.

Privacy for our Central Valley neighbors
Central Valley Trex Seclusions fencing


Horizons is a fully private fence with interlocking board-on-board horizontal fence boards. The sleek contemporary appearance is complete with a black galvanized steel frame. The fence looks the same on both sides. Set yourself apart from your neighbors with horizontal fencing from Trex!

A light brown Trex composite fence in Central Valley area
Contemporary horizontal fencing from Trex and FDS Fence Distributors

One of the benefits of the Trex systems is that they can be customized. Components can be cut to adjust the height and width. Individual components can be mixed with other materials (for example, combine Trex posts with ornamental aluminum or steel panels or mount the fence as a screen on top of a deck). With so many different types of properties in Central Valley, Trex Fencing makes the possibilities virtually endless.


Privacy is an important reason to get a fence, so if this is a factor in your decision-making, you’ll be happy to know that Trex Fencing has the best solution. Wood pickets will shrink as they get older, so gaps are going to happen. On the other hand, Trex’s interlocking picket system ensures that gapping won’t occur as the material weathers.

Security is another major reason to get a fence. Besides privacy, a secure fence should offer durability to resist damage from the elements and carelessness. Vinyl fencing is a good alternative for a paint-free or stain-free fence, but Trex’s thick composite material makes it hardier and last longer without damage. We get some hot temperatures in Central Valley. Trex does very well with in the heat.


Imagine looking at your new fence the first day after the installation then looking at it again a year later. Does it look as good as it did in the beginning? That’s one of the disadvantages of wood fencing if it isn’t well-maintained in environments such as that in the Central Valley area. We sell beautiful wood fences and you’ll love them if you keep them up, but if you don’t have the time or budget to maintain your fence, consider Trex as an upgrade. If you do not have the time or long-range funds to constantly paint or stain your fence, or you worry about the natural degradation of wood, Trex is the right choice for you. Avoid the painting / staining and replacement nuisances and let us install a Trex fence for you.


  • 3 natural colors (dark brown, tan and coastal grey)
  • Won’t rot, warp, crack, or splinter and it resists insects
  • Full privacy or adaptable for semi-privacy
  • Has a 25-year residential warranty
  • High wind load capabilities
  • Available in Vertical and Horizontal styles
  • 95% recycled content (industry leading sustainability leadership)
  • Perfect for pools, deck screens, privacy railing, utility or trash enclosures, and more!
The three colors of Trex Fencing. Trex pigments the product so it can weather naturally as it is exposed to the sun. On the left, you’ll see the way the color will look when it’s new and on the right, you’ll see the color after a season of exposure to the sun. Choose the color that’s best for you and let’s get going on Trex, Your Next Fence!

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